about the campsite

In the landscape protection area of the volcanic Eifel (Vulkaneifel)
– one of natures best walking grounds in Germany –
our camping site lies about 1 km outside the village of Manderscheid.

Directly at the edge of a forest the site lies on a south slope.
We offer 70 holiday bays as well as 10 continuous bays.
Opening times:
April to October

Surounded by green the site adapts outstanding to the landscape.
Many old fruit trees, added by cultivation of location-fair trees and hedges, are the ideal place for a recovering holiday stay.

Nur ein Drittel der gesamten Fläche wird als Stellplätze genutzt. Daher bleibt ausreichend Platz für allerlei Aktivitäten und ist vor allem für Kinder hervorragend geeignet.

Only one third of the entire surface is used for camping bays.
Therefore there is enough space for all kinds of activities and the site is particularly suitable for children


In the middle of the Vulkaneifel and in direct proximity to
the health resort Manderscheid — but off traffic.
The ideal place for “Health camping”, too!.

Only a “stone’s throw” away and a worthwile goal of a short.

The Mosenberg volcanos are just a short distance away.


Our special request is to offer especially children the space and the suggestion which they need for a healthy development.

Our extensive area, surounded by forests, meadows and brooks, forms the basis for nature experiencing, sense experience, tension and adventure.

Our holiday village with camping site and the hut village is particularly suitable for families with children up to the age of 12.
But our camping site becomes also very estimated by older guests, who look for far nature apart from traffic noises.
Manderscheid has one of the largest net of walking paths in Germany.

A separate part of the site is available for educationally led, nature oriented groups of children. But without “electronical noises”!

More information about this project you will find on our special website
Jugend-Hüttendorf Vulkaneifel
(in German only)

Intoxication drugs of any kind are not gladly seen with us.
We ask all adults to use alcohol very carefully
for being a good example for children.


Comfortable, heatable sanitary plumbing, washing room with washing machine and dry cleaner, centrifuge and ironing.

Because of the numerously children at our location, a part of the sanitary plumbing is opened for adults only by using a special key which can be checked-out at our reception
Warm water inclusive!


All in all there are 17 toilettes, 9 showers and 26 washing basins.
Service: Propane gas station; Kiosk; Cooling segments rental

Very much open space!
Large playground, Table Tennis, Volleyball-, Badminton-, Baskettball- and Football field. Campfire place, grilling place.